Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dust up a little and make room for Spring

We've moved the clocks forward; now it's time to move our some aspects of our lives forward. 

One thing I’ve always loved about living in the Northeast is the shared appreciation everyone has for beautiful weather. After growing up with Buffalo, NY, and doing college in Ithaca, NY— and being a Diva all along— Boston is, well, warm. No. It’s the tropics. But Bostonians and Buffalonians, and every Nor’easterner in between (and North and South and further West), exude this joy when it warms up a bit.

This weekend, it felt like spring had arrived (did I mention it’s now a wintry-mix of slush outside right now?), which had this Diva thinking about the spring cleaning she’d be taking on. 

And I don’t just mean about in the literal sense— because our apartment certainly needs love in that category, too— but in the figurative sense: How can I further simplify aspects of my life? What is going to make me more happy? How can I further stretch a dollar, better budget my funds, and improve my on-a-dime habits— while being fabulous, of course? And what am I going to do for the good of others?

Everything is new and fresh in spring; it’s a time that allows for a new beginning. So, take a few minutes out of your day to ponder over those questions, start thinking about your “New Season’s Resolutions.” While you work on your figurative spring cleaning, here’s a little help with the literal side of things:

1. Get rid of the clothes you never wear. Face it, if you didn't wear that three-year-old sweater all Winter, you're NEVER going to wear it. Try Second Time Around (176 Newbury St., Back Bay)-- they'll give you a cut of the profits. 

2. Can't resell it? Can you DONATE it? Especially in the state of our current economy, a lot of us Divas are a lot luckier than we realize. Before you trash anything-- canned food you're sick of staring at, a pair of jeans that-- let's face it-- will never fit again, and even gently-read magazines-- think if they could, instead be donated to a local charity, cause, or even Diva. Here are JUST A FEW ideas: Big Brother Big Sister Foundation (good for used clothes and other "clutter"), Some food donation options, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (for Divas with dollars, monetary donations), and an all-encompassing donation resource list for Boston-area

3. "Spring clean" your life and try something new. I'm giving Flamenco dancing a whirl (watching it, that is).  Every Sunday in March and April, at 7 pm and 9pm, Barlola (160 Commonwealth Ave., Back Bay) hosts Flamenco nights. Best part yet: The show is FREE. 

4. Get away. Doesn't matter where, when, or with who. A weekend in the country, your favorite city, or even a relative's couch always helps to clear the mind. 

The Bolt Bus can bolt you from South Station to NYC in a little more than 4 hours-- and in much more style than the ill-fated Fung-Wah. Wi-Fi, outlets (necessary not only for computers, but Blackberry chargers, too!), and an occasional hottie traveling (maybe NYU law student?)-- what more can a Diva ask for? Oh, yeah, seats starting at $1. 

5. And for the VERY literal: Some deals on cleaning supplies. 

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