Thursday, March 5, 2009

There's value in who you know

The business card was invented for a reason.

A Diva on a Dime is a workin' gal... She knows how to work a room, work a bargain, and just work hard. And collecting business cards, well, that's her specialty. 

We've all been hearing it for as long as we can remember, "It's all about networking," "Who does your Daddy know?," "Have your friend call his uncle whose step-brother works at ______, and tell them I need_____." You get my drift.  

This is all true, of course-- but now, more than ever, it's crucial. And I'm not even talking about the job-search-who-you-know (but for you jobless Divas, this can apply), I am talking about the every-day-who-do-I-know-and-how-can-I-save-a dime-and-still-be-posh contact.

I've somehow become an expert at the business card swap. I'm not sure how or when it happened, but it did, and it's fun... Not to mention savvy. I've left a conference with Choos, gotten a leather business-card-holding-accessory in the mail, slated an interview hours before deadline at a bar in DC, and gotten my share of complimentary cocktails.  

Confidence is what it takes-- and, maybe, a glass of vino to break the ice. 
The point to this post is that, last night, I made a valuable contact-- and you can too. 

I was wining and dining at Haru (800 Boylston St., Back Bay) with a few of my fashionistas (A DIVA ON A DIME NOTE: Mention the 10% off banner in the Prudential Center EACH and EVERY time you frequent Haru and reap the benefits). Later, when I was on my way to the loo, I stopped at the hostess stand to make reservations for next week. I small-talked a bit with those behind the stand, introduced myself, and then preceded on with the conversation. I not only left the hostess stand with my favorite drink (Prosecco) saved in the computer system-- so the waiter next week could give me a complimentary birthday drink-- but also with the business card of the general manager who oversees all of the restaurants (in NYC, Boston, and Philly). Next time I'm in Manhattan, he said, contact him and will make sure that me and my "date" are taken care of. 

Landing this contact was never my intention, but rather my willingness to meet someone new and spark a conversation. And there's no doubt, I will be in touch when I'm in Manhattan in a few weeks... and I may save a few dimes (I sure hope more...). 
Have no fear and go for it Divas... What is there to lose? And you never really know who you may meet next (or who may meet you next). 

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  1. Hmmm, this one has me thinking. In the style of "The View", sometime I'll blog a column that shall be the antithesis to this way of thinking, as it applies to my ideological world! Meanwhile, keep all your options alive and go for cheap(er) in the Big Apple! Luv ya!