Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dinner in under 10 minutes and $3

This, I am quick to admit: I may be a Diva-of-many-trades, but a domestic Diva I am not. Until, that is, I found a hidden treasure at Trader Joe's (899 Boylston St., Back Bay).

A bag of frozen mushroom risotto may not sound appealing, but, as I enjoyed my dinner, I was utterly convinced this wasn't what I heated up on my stove top four minutes prior, and rather, something I'd enjoyed in Italy two years ago.

It gets better, too: One bag of Trader Joe's brand mushroom risotto was $2.79, with three servings, 140 calories per serving. This "domestic" Diva had two dinners out of this find. There's a few other varieties of risotto, too, if mushrooms don't float your boat.

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