Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Beat the humidity with an ice cold margarita on the cheap.

As Tori Spelling said on NBC's The Today Show this morning, "It's Hump Day!" After explaining to Kathy Lee that Hump Day can mean more than just the obvious, I started pondering on what the perfect summer Hump Day drink would be-- and where a Diva-on-a-dime could find the best deal on that drink.

Here's what I found:

Drink: Margarita
Why? On a humid afternoon like today, there's no better way to cool off (well, unless you have access to a pool or boat). Plus, the salt will help to replenish your overheated body.
Where? Masa Restaurant (439 Tremont St., South End).
Deal: $5 each, all of July.
Pair with: July's $24.95 three-course summer menu. And if you'd prefer sangria, Masa is offering $5 pitchers all July as well.

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