Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Everything (makeup) is a dollar

Why Nordstrom's latest makeover to one brand may save you tons on your makeover-- or makeup-- needs.

Nordstrom has recently bought the makeup line ELF (eyes-lips-face) and has plans to repackage the the product with their own name and label. As a result, makeup with ELF packaging is getting the boot, and most of the items are available for $1 on ELF's web site.

For orders over $15, enter CAROLINA to save $7.50. For Divas who spend over $75, free shipping is included.


  1. Glad I wandered over to your blog....thx for the 'heads up', Coz! I ordered a bunch of bargains. If they're not for me, Aubs will sure have fun. xxoo

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