Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Little Retail Therapy Never Hurts ...

... Especially at 60% off retail!

The Newbury LF Stores (353 Newbury St., Back Bay) kicked of its "Only Sale of the Season" over President's Day weekend, with 60%  or more off the entire Fall/Winter 2008 collection. 

I stopped in this evening with the expectation of finding a storefront over-picked by sale-hungry vultures. I assumed the only merchandise left would be the freakishly small and terribly huge sizes. Well, wrong I was. The selection is still vast and plentiful. Although those items on the cheap are Fall/Winter pieces, LF's clothes are from LA and-- if paired with the correct shoes, accessories, and get-up-- versatile in any season.

Time may be your best friend, however. As the sale progresses, LF tends to further mark down its items.

If your therapy doesn't include a retail option at the moment, LF WILL have  other sales...
When I hit jackpot at LF's "Only Sale of the Season" last year, it was partially due to my naivety in thinking this was the only sale the store would hold all year. It may sound that way, but the store holds another "Only Sale of the Season" near the middle of Summer, to make way for the Fall collection. 

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