Thursday, February 26, 2009

Get outta town

A quick trip or week-long getaway doesn't have to break your bank.

After a friend read "Diva on a Dime," she introduced me to her friend's publication, Shoestring Magazine. An instant fan, I call myself. "Free Budget Living Advice, The Good Life for Less, Champagne Style on a Beer Budget." A frugal fashionista couldn't agree more. 

My point is this: The most recent issue's letter from Melissa-- the magazine's Stealfinder-in-Chief-- read: 
"No dollar amount can be assigned to a friendship, and these are among my most valuable. So, recession or not, we're splurging on a real vacation and spending the week off together, and it will be worth every penny."
Her words inspired me to start planning a getaway, and I stumbled across plenty of other worthwhile deals along the way. 

For the sand-savvy
Club Med
50% OFF 2nd Person on All-Inclusive Club Med Escapes
50% off 7-night stays in Mexico, the Caribbean, and U.S.

Bitter End Yacht Club
British Virgin Islands (BVI), this spring and summer, save up to $1680 for an Admiral's Package for two.

Guana Island
(877) 347-5675
Enjoy a BVI private island up to 20% off.

Long Bay Beach Resort
(877) 311-0556
Beach-front BVI with a 35% off rates, starting at $114 per night.

Ski Bunny at heart?
Up to 35% off at Jackson Hole hotels, plus buy 3 airline tickets and the 4th is free (through March 20). 

Live luxe for the weekend in your city or another
Luxury for less-- a lot less. Five-star hotels for much less. 
Hotel Commonwealth in Boston. The Waldorf and Algonquin in New York. And all Vegas Five-stars under $150. 

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